Day in the life of a mom with two boys.

I first want to say how much I love my family.  I have a great husband and two beautiful boys.  But sometimes being a mom is very challenging.  First I am an actor.  And since I have a six week old boy, my career needs to be put on the back burner.  I know there are some moms that have two or three at home with them.  My oldest son goes to daycare.  The biggest reason is he is a very spirited boy who needs constant attention.  He goes from one thing to the next and at school he is much happier than he is at home.  For those out there that say being a mom isn’t a job, I just want to quickly write while my newborn is taking one of his cat naps what my “typical” day looks like. I am exclusively pumping because my son could not latch on and I was so tired of being in pain.  And yes I went to multiple lactation consultants who would tell me how great my latch was while I was holding back tears of pain.  Plus he would not feed well off it either, so I now just pump, which makes my day even more stressful.

6:30 am, pump before my oldest wakes up.

6:50 am, wake up my son who immediately needs to be fed and drink something.  While getting my newborn up, change his outfit and diaper and feed him, while my oldest crawls all over me.

Ohhh my newborn spit all over himself, change his outfit again.  Now my other is all finished with his breakfast and its time to change him for the day.  This takes forever since he wants to run around and fight on changing clothes.  So I have to say ” do you want to go to school?”, which he does, so I say, “well we have to change our clothes.”  He then fight me on what shoes to wear, and he finally makes a choice.  We are dressed.  

7:30  My newborn is hungry again because he cluster feeds in the morning because he sleeps amazing at night.  I change his diaper again and feed him again.  Then, I get my oldest to get his teeth brushed and we read a book and play with the baby.  Now my oldest spilled water on the baby…where did that cup come from?  URRR now I have to change my newborn a third time!  

8:00  I finally get dressed.  I look like hell and my hair is all greasy.  

8:15 We are out the door, the kiddos are in the car to take my oldest to school.  He loves it there and is very happy to say bye to me. 

8:40,  My husband is wanting to eat healthier and I want to lose my last ten pounds of pregnancy weight so I start prepping for salad for dinner tonight.   DAMNIT the dishwasher needs to be unloaded.   So I unload that and re load it.  My husband forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer.  SOOO its frozen.  I put the chicken in the pressure cooker and also make dressing and hard boil eggs.  

While the chicken is cooking I feed the newborn again.   Chicken is done and still not fully cooked because it was frozen.  While carrying the newborn I cut the chicken up and sautee it.  Chickens done and hard boiled eggs are done.  They go in the fridge for tonight.  Now my husband use to do my oldest laundry, but magically it isn’t done anymore, so I do both children’s laundry.  

10:00 time to pump again….after that is done, my son is screaming and wants to eat again.  Mind you I have yet to eat anything but oatmeal at this point and am starved.

Laundry is dried and now time to fold.  Newborn is super cranky.  Walking around and calming him down.  

10:40 he is swaddled and put down for a cat nap.  he cat naps all day.

I clean around and clean the kitchen.   which has 2 pots that need scrubbing.   

At some point all the bottles and pump accessories need to be sanitized.  Time to do that.  

11:20, eat quick before newborn wakes up.  

11:30, newborn is up, change him and feed him and play tummy time with him.

12:00 need to pump again.  

Now while he is happy I try to do a little mini workout of squats and core exercise while he lays near me.

1:00  Feed newborn again…..yes he eats this often.  Always hungry.

Time to do my laundry,  and all the towels. After that newborn is cranky and needs to be carried and walk around.  We head downstairs to feed the cat and brush her.  

2:00ish laundry is done.  throw that in room to do later.  I eat a snack and try to do a quick pump before picking up oldest boy at daycare.

3:00 pick up oldest.  Come home newborn is fed again, clean all the pump accessories again and give oldest a a drink and snack.  

Play with baby and oldest.  

4:00 daddys home.   Hand kid off so I can go pump again.

This is just one day for me.  I know every mom is different.  Everyone’s life is different, some days are easier than others.  This was a rough day for me because I barely had time to eat and felt strung out all day.  So anyone that says it isn’t work.  I say, walk in my shoes for a day.  I am way more tired than I have ever been!


why you should be using agar agar

Man what a week.  34 weeks pregnant and all my friends are having baby girls!  Some knew they were having baby girls but most didn’t know what they were having until they were born.  I feel like a lonely group of having another boy.  My husband and I were joking around that my baby boy will have a lot of ladies to chose from in the future :)  

I am a somewhat adventurous cook. When I see something on the internet I have never heard of I am always intrigued.  I recently bought some Agar Agar powder at my local health food store.  Agar is made from seaweed and it a natural thickener for people who don’t want to use flour, cornstarch or gelatin.  It is also very low in calories, a little goes a long way and it is actually good for you.  

I have tried a few times to make it as my sub for gelatin in my ice cream recipes but it always seems to be a epic fail.  However, I have found it works wonderfully in soups!!  When I make a big pot of soup, before the soup comes to a boil, I add about half teaspoon to the pot.   When your soup is off the stove and cooling a bit you will see that it has thickened a bit.  You will really notice it the next day if you have leftovers in the fridge.  I don’t like overly thick soup so a half teaspoon is enough for me.  

Agar says you can also make homemade jello molds with it too.   I have yet to try that because I am not a jello person.  If you make soups as much as I do, I highly recommend picking up a bottle to try for your next recipe :)  


A smoothie a toddler could love…..its that good!

My little boy Baron is two years old.  He loves fruit…..he loves dark chocolate.  But things he doesn’t love so much are certain veggies and quite a few meats.  He is a very active little boy, he also has no fear. He jumps on the couch and falls like a pro wrestler.  He is in the 50 percentile in weight, but I am always trying to make sure he gets good healthy fats.  

I love making this smoothie because it taste like a banana milkshake and gives my son a good amount of vitamins and fat.   


1 cup of almond milk, regular milk or coconut milk

half of a very ripe avocado

half of frozen banana

few ice cubes

splash of pure vanilla

Sweetener of your choosing (you can use dates, honey, stevia, pure maple syrup)

Next blend in your vitamix until smooth.  If it seems to thick, add a little more milk.  

The avocado gives a nice creamy texture and taste like a milkshake!!!  Your child won’t know the difference and you are giving them something yummy!  Enjoy!


Cloth diapering….part deux

Well I am officially 32 weeks pregnant.  I have been in a serious nesting phase.  Trying to get the baby’s room finished.  My two old is officially sleeping fantastic in his new big boy room and it dawned on me… I want to cloth diaper this next one?  I have written a post in the past about my love/hate relationships with cloth diapering.  

One thing you will learn about cloth diapering mamas is we buy an abundance of inserts and different types, so my husband has helped me zero with washing and stuffing the diapers.  In his defense he says over and over again. “I don’t know what the hell goes with what, because you have so many different kinds!”   The chaos makes sense to me, but I put myself in a situation where it makes sense to no one else, therefore I do it by myself. 

Wasn’t going to happen with the next one!  If you know anything about cloth diapers, they typically don’t fit newborns.  The pocket diapers that say One Size or 8-35 lbs, are way to big for brand new baby.   

There are brands  that are specifically for newborns.  Since you are changing them every two hours anyways might as well get some, but at $14-$19 a diaper that is quite expensive.  But, I was not going to throw tons of disposables in the garbage, knowing what it does to the environment.  Since I have cloth diapered exclusively and part time for two years, I know which brands I like and hate.   

I found my solution!!  I found a site called Teenygreeny.   They had a large abundance of gently used Fuzzibunz extra small size for about $6 a diaper and free shipping.  I ordered 25 and paid about $161.  I did the math and if I use these pretty much most of the time, I will save a ton of money and not be wasteful!  I already know I like this brand, plus I bought ONE BRAND.  Therefore when I wash them, which looks like it will be every other day, my husband can help stuff them.  

Since I know I am not having  anymore babies I am going to sell my diapers after my baby outgrows them after a couple of months.  So I will get some of my investment back.  I know that people think that washing them is hard.  It is challenging when babies start sleeping through the night or start eating solids, but when they are getting changed frequently and are exclusively breastfed it is a breeze!!   I highly recommend if you are interested in cloth diaper after baby is a week or so old, to try this method.  If it is your first child and you want to have more children, get gender neutral colors and store them for next time!!  

Hope this helps some mommy interested in cloth diapering ;)  

my organic obsession. Life of a granola head

I have been eating organic produce, cheese, butter, grains and meats for a while.   Especially eating organic produce that is on the most dirty list.  If you don’t know what that is, here is a helpful link.

But it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago I started going organic on all things makeup and beauty.  I am cheap….there I said it.  I am my mother reincarnated…..god rest her soul, she was cheap too!  But I am pregnant and don’t want toxic chemicals entering my bloodstream either.   

I have a serious love for all things ebay….need a blender? shop ebay…need a hair comb? bet you can find it on ebay?  need some designer maternity jeans? yep ebay is your spot!   So I decided I was going to buy some more affordable but organic or natural makeup products.   

I got these in the mail monday and I have to say I am thrilled with what I got.  I also have to side  note, I don’t like makeup and don’t wear much anymore, so this is for people who aren’t makeup savvy and like minimal makeup….You can see  below what I bough t and what I paid.   My good friend worked at Estee Lauder for years and it probably rolling her eyes at the thought of this, but oh well!  

  • Coola facial Sunscreen Sample sizes.…paid $10.   It was two tiny sample sizes.  It is a fantastic product that goes on sheer and light.  But a 2 ounce bottle is about $31 so I am going to now use Kiss My Face spf 30 facial sunscreen that is just as good and cheaper.  
  • Physicians Formula Organic Mascara-Paid $8 for and love it.  Great basic mascara and gets good volume, cute case it is in too.  Great product
  • Cream Blush Stick Certified Organic by Jane Be Pure- I got mine in shimmering pink.  This is a sheer sort of cream stick, just a hint of shimmering color and it comes in three different colors I think.  I paid ummmm $5 for it.   Money well spend.  I love that I can just put it on my bare skin!!!  Worth buying.
  • Jane be Pure Eyeshadow-Color (Aguashimmer)-$5 spent…Cute little four pack of colors, they have lots to choose from and its organic.  I like the purple in my set and stayed on all day.
  • Snowmandce Natural Minerals Sheer Powder- Got a small size of 2 1/2 teaspoons.   This company is probably a small business.  But everything is 100 percent natural.  They also sent me sample of other powders with my order and a hand written thank you on my powder.  I like its sheerness and I paid  $5 for it.  They have a whole store with lots of eye shadows and blushes too.  I know the sample doesn’t sound like much but I dumped out an old clinique container and washed and dried it and dumped this in.  I have enough to last me for a while.  
  • Lastly physicians formula tinted moisturizer organic line-$8.  No complaints on my fair skin but they do have other colors as well.   

In the future I will probably buy more shadows and blushes.  But you can add up what I paid for every day day make up and it all natural with no chemicals.  If anyone has products they want to recommend please share!!  Hope you find this helpful :)

vitamix and coconut milk woes

I had started making my own coconut milk.  I wish I could say at first that I loved it.  I start to get annoyed with people that say everything is soooo easy to do yourself.  Is making coconut milk difficult or do you need to be an Iron Chef to make it? No. But is it as easy as going to the store and  buying Silk Coconut milk….um no.   

Here has been things that I have found difficult and what i have done to make my life easier.  

First…..many people say you have to boil the water and then add it to the shredded coconut and blend.   Then it is hot for freaking ever and I have this coconut milk sitting and I am just waiting for it to cool.   

I have taken the cold filtered water, big bowl and shredded coconut and just let it soak for an hour.  Then dump it all it my vitamix.  Blend for a minute and squeeze the milk into my nutbag and store.   

THHHEEENNNNN what do I have the next morning.  A thick glob of coconut cream and coconut milk water at the bottom.  Is this good over cereal….No.  Some bloggers love the cream….I just want to drink it so it isn’t good for me.   I have learned adding an emulsifier to my mix before blending has fixed the problem.  I also add vanilla and honey before I mix too and everything taste good to me.  The next morning the cream didn’t separate.  I know emulsifiers get a bad rap, but I’d rater do that then buy the store bough stuff.  

My last and final woe.  Bloggers say “Oh you can then use the left over pulp and make coconut flour with it.”  FALSE.  I have tried several attempts and it is nothing like the stuff you buy at the store.  I think there is a very different process when commercial brands make coconut flour.  

But I have found you can use the dried coconut pulp as a breadcrumb substitute.  I coated some chicken tenderloins with coconut and baked and it tasted good.  Or you can add to pancake batter or muffins for a little more texture.   But to say it makes coconut flour has been not true to me.  

I have found the clean up to be the most annoying part of making this.  I am 19 weeks pregnant and have a two year old hanging on me saying “Mommy, mama, mom, mom, mama, mom, mamma,” over and over while I am trying to do this.  Since this stuff goes bad quickly.  I feel I am making it about every four days.   

When  my next son is born, I am not sure if I will be making this anymore.   But I probably won’t be buying it either.  I can just stick to eggs for breakfast ;)  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me!!

yea…another cauliflower pizza crust recipe

I have made cauliflower pizza crust once….and it tasted ok and I ate it with a fork.  My little toddler thought it was gross and didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  But in the back of my mind I had always felt it could be better.  

I came across this site that held the secret to perfect crust.   I didn’t make it just like hers,  I will explain how I made mine different but I still want to giver her credit since I followed some of her recipe.

In her recipe she called for soft goat cheese.  I am pregnant and don’t know if her cheese was raw, which I can’t eat.   So I thought I could use cream cheese instead…it’s soft?!?  Right?

I began looking for a recipe pizza crust with cauliflower that had cream cheese, I couldn’t find any so I thought I would just try it out anyways.  

I have to say, it was damn good!  It held up great and my son love it.  Here is what I did.

I chopped up some cauliflower and in batches pulsed it in my vitamix.  I had about four cups….Then I cooked in the microwave for 8 minutes in a glass dish….no water needed.  When it cooled a bit I took a clean hand towel and squeezed out the liquid.  I was surprised how much there was……Then I looked at what was left….where did all my cauliflower go?

I knew I didn’t have near four cups and its not going to be near as big as I thought.  So I had some cauliflower left from before, I just pulsed that, cooked it and drained that.  About another cups worth.  Then, I had more to work with.  Below is the rest of the recipe.

Recipe:  (Preheat oven to 400)

5 cups pulsed cauliflower  ( should look like rice)

3 ounce full fat room temperature cream cheese

1 beaten egg

italian seasoning to taste

salt and pepper.


Grate or pulse in blender or food processor your cauliflower so it looks like rice.  

Put in a large microwave proof dish and cook on high for about 8 minutes.  

Once cooled put it in a dish towel and squeeze access liquid.  

Put in large bowl all your ingredients and mix with hands well.  

Place your mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  You want it pretty thin and even so it cooks evenly.  

Bake your “crust” with no topping until it looks golden brown and firm to the touch.  Mine was about a half hour.  Take out and top your pizza however you like.   

Put back in oven and bake until all topping and cheese are melted.  Cut and serve.  Makes a decent size square pizza.