Black bean brownies?

So black bean brownies are all the rage right now.  I found a site where a lady makes them.  I loved her site and thought it sounded good and I already had those black beans leftover from the pressure cooker. AND I had all the rest of the ingredients! SCORE.  I do have to note I cooked them quite a bit longer than she recommends.  I would say 23-25 minutes….If I would of taken them out when she recommended they would have been goop…

Here is the link.

However they tasted like fudge!! Highly recommend them and anyone wanting something different.  

I have banished all boxed cake mixes in my kitchen.  I have realized that it taste better and I know everything in it.  Lastly, it’s always cheaper!  


If you haven’t invested in a food processor or pressure cooker…Please do! Both of mine are Cuisine art.  I think they are affordable and quality.  On my soap box.  The biggest reason people don’t like to cook is that they don’t take advantage of modern technology.  It will make your life easier!  Oh and if you want another reason to buy a food processor. Check out my blog on how to make whole wheat pizza crust.

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